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This is the wiki where you think of Portal elements, create their conceptions, and then publish them. Even edit other people's conceptions to make improvements to them.

Remember: Think, publish, rinse and repeat.


There was once a facility known as Aperture, a testing facility full of chambers, panels, and puzzles within. Then, suddenly, the facility was abandoned, until, on 2003, a new and improved Aperture was constructed 10 years ago. And today, was the grand-reopening of Aperture of 2015, producing the newest in testing equipment, elements, and much more to be discovered of the facility.

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The conception wiki has killed. We've lost interest and this wiki shall require more editors. We'll now have to put back the interest into this wiki! This was my first active wiki, so if you need this wiki to be brought back, just go into some wikis and be sure to put the link in the best suitable forum, and hope the thread was not locked. It's probably possible to get that to work because who knows? What can terribly go wrong?

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I've moved the News from the forums back to the home page. Now you can tune in here again.

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Rename and change almost all badges as Portal and Portal 2's achievements.

Learn more of Wikia's admin tools.

Maybe hire some admins in the future.

Create a logo and find a background picture.

Resurrect this wiki, because it's already dead. See the news for more info.

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  • new page Darkening Gel
    created by A Fandom user
    New page: Darkening Gel is used only in Portal 2: Station D and is the opposite of Conversion Gel, making portable spaces nonportable. Appearing in Pump...
    Summary: Tuem
  • discussion page Talk:Portal 2 episode 1 Mod: Etheral
    new comment by Judbud
    Comment: AuthorDelreq.
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  • new page Turret Cube
    created by Judbud
    New page: The Turret Cube, as you can guess, is a turret, diguised as a cube. Some levels have special legged sockets where you must place a turret cube. The...
    Added categories: Cubes, Turrets
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    Summary: News have been posted. Get to the front page now for info.
  • discussion page Sorry
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    Currently our beholved conception wiki has died a graceful death. We have no more editors around the wiki. This thread is here is for an optio... 

  • new page No title
    created by Creeper5589
  • discussion page Talk:Legged Turret
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  • edit Legged Turret
    edited by Creeper5589 diff
    Summary: Some changes.
  • new page Category:Turrets
    created by Creeper5589
    New page: Remember these guys? They're back, now in much more forms than just one simple, outdated bullet shooting design. Now with magnetic and moving...

Featured ConceptionEdit

Magnet TurretEdit

Magnet Turret is a turret in Portal 2 Episode 1. When it opens, it shoots magnetic waves that attract metalic objects to the turret. This turret cant attack, but the flying metalic objects may hit you.

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