This is an amazing expanse from Portal 2.

Recap Edit

Portal 1 Edit

Chell finds herself in Aperture, no signs of life. She follows some "tests" created by an entity called GLaDOS. Eventually, the player makes an escapade and attacks GLaDOS head on, escaping the facillaty.

Portal comic: Lab Rat Edit

It is revealed that one other person lives, but it is not revealed to Chell. This person has mental insercurities, and has what appears to be a talking Aperture Cube that talks. The person discovers the power went out, and that Chell will only be able to live for so long before she dies. He redirects all the nourishment to her, before going into cybersleep himself.

Portal 2 Edit

Too lazy to do this right now, and do not know full story.

Game Edit

Arc 1: Reawoken Edit

Chapter 1: Freedom. Edit

Chapter 2: Black Mesa. Edit

Chapter 3: Viruspawn Edit

Chapter 4: Cores of Chaos Edit

Chapter 5: So They Meet Again Edit

Arc 2: Mesa vs Aperture Edit

Chapter 6: In the middle of War Edit

Chapter 7: Aperture Test Edit

Chapter 8: Mesa Test Edit

Chapter 9: We need a new test subject. Edit

Chapter 10: "Selecting" Mesa. Edit

Arc 3: Sabotage Edit

Chapter 11: Meet the Spiderbots. Edit

Chapter 12: We're not turrets. Edit

Chapter 13: Neurotoxin?!?! Edit

Chapter 14: Stolen Tech Edit

Chapter 15: A short time without Long Fall Boots Edit

Arc 4: Virus Unleashed Edit

Chapter 16: Here's your boots. Edit

Chapter 17: Spiderpods Prevention Edit

Chapter 18: Podlings Release on Aperture Edit

Chapter 19: Pod Blast Edit

Chapter 20: A Very Large Pod Edit

Arc 5: "Defeat" of Mesa Edit

Chapter 21: Corrupted Again Edit

Chapter 22: Wait, you have a core that was stranded in space? Edit

Chapter 23: Wheatley's Revenge Edit

Chapter 24: Wheatley's Revenge part 2 Edit

Chapter 25: A Negotiation Edit

Arc 6: Final Battle Edit

Chapter 26: We Still Have Virus Edit

Chapter 27: GLaDOS' Rendezvous Edit

Chapter 28: Taking Action Edit

Chapter 29: Now this is Pod Smashing Edit

Chapter 30: The Part Where They Really Kill You Edit

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