Multiplayer is a better replacement of Coop in Portal 2: Episode One. It basically has LOTS of modes for SCIENCE!. So then players of Portal 2: Episode One will enjoy a better experience than Coop, although that's included in here.

List O' Multiplayer Modes Edit

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Coop - Just normal coop where you do stuff and blah blah blah, you know the drill.

Testing Race - You each have the same set of tests to do, and you try to get to the end before your rival. Have fun!

Laser Fight - There are two teams, Team Orange, and Team Blue. Lasers kill you in this gamemode, and the emitter spawns at a randomized location in both of the team's sides, along with a supply of a handful of Reflection Cubes, and some Adjustable Laser Reflectors. The objective is to try and destroy the enemy team between a big glass wall. There are also barricades to hide from the lasers. However, these barricades have limited health before they break, even by your own lasers. So conserve your barricades and destroy the enemy's! There are also platforms for players to stand on to avoid lasers from the floor. They are generated 2 levels above the floor. To get to these platforms, there are piston & rail platforms taking you from the floor, to platform, to platform, to platform.