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I am Core So-and-so, and I do blablabla!

So, you say you are a core, and tell what you do. Then the next person says what happned to you. Then that person says what core they are and what they do. Eg:

SirAwesome: I am a Core, and i post redlinks!

Creepyportals: Another core came and took your job.

I am a core, and i crash computers!

JudZud: While trying to crash your 1337th one, it backfired, and you exploded.

I am a core, and i was created to make endless streams of bad ideas!

A portaly test subject: You were blasted into space.

I will start. I am a core, and i drag wikia users to this wiki!

NOTE: The awnser does not have to be a fail; e.g, "I am a core, and i crash computers!" The next person could say "Congraz! You crashed every computer in the world."

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You get blasted into space! Congratz!

I am a core, and I slay Enderdragons.


Place a bed, use it, kill the enderdragon, DONE!

ermah care n i driv


You get arrested. but then you break out of prison and assault the world's largest company.

I am a core, and I drag users who have good ideas for Portal to this wiki.


I make the wiki is good as BCW as it can get (I hope i can do that when i learn more features).

I am a core, and i solve practical problems.


Then some Politician comes along and everyone starts listening to him.

I am a core, and I rebuild destroyed cores.



The core called "Thread:2182" gets destroyed, and I rebuild it.

I am a core, and I make GLaDOS OP.


GLaDOS becomes unable to be core-swapped, and can summon crushers from literally anywhere.

I am a core, and i make Wheatley get launched to space.


You give the Space Core his wish.

I am a core, and I play Terraria.


You walk outside your home, and suddenely, SP00KY SCARY SKELETONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dancing skeletons


I am a core, and i'm an apple.


You get banned from this FG because you're not a core; you're an apple.

I am a core, and I don't get spooked.

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